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I offer one-on-one math tutoring in Durham, NC and throughout Durham County.  Whether you’re located in Durham proper, or any of the surrounding areas such as Chapel-Hill, Carr, Lebanon, Mangum, Oak Grove, Triangle, Rougemont, Gorman, or Genlee — I can help your child get back on track.

Dear Parent,

Whether your child is behind, struggling, or simply needs extra help to make sure they get the best grade possible, I will help your child raise their grades, get back on track, and excel in math.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ashley Morris. I have served as one of the Durham area’s most respected private math tutors for nearly 15 years. I’ve taught in the public school system for 7 years, 2 years at area private schools, and 2 years at an online Charter school with the state as well. I tutor middle school, high school, and home school students in Durham. This year, I’m currently tutoring Durham students in the follow subjects:

Durham, NC Math Tutoring Subjects

  • Middle School Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Common Core Math
  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • College Algebra
  • Homeschool Math
  • Pre-Calculus and Calculus

Unlike tutoring centers which give out mindless work sheets in typical institutional settings, I am able to custom tailor every aspect of the experience to your child and their unique learning styles ensuring that any obstacles that they might have are overcome successfully.

I have taught in both local private and public schools so I understand the unique challenges that your student might face better than someone who has never been in either system or hasn’t been in the classroom in a while.

Additionally, I offer virtual tutoring sessions which have been a huge hit with many success stories. Virtual tutoring means one less back-and-forth to manage, and your student can work with me one-on-one from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

“She makes parenting easier for parents and school easier for students.” – Mark Fickelstein (parent)

My students not only get better at math, they gain confidence, and study skills that help them in all of their subjects. This leads to better grades, better home life, and of course – their future success. Take a look at the parent and student stories on the right and at the bottom of this page to hear about some of the results I’ve gotten for other area families and students.

Still not sure? How about a Guarantee?

Choosing the right tutor for your child is about a LOT more than cost and availability. There has to be a connection between the tutor and the student, a mutual respect, and of course – the tutor has to have the ability to help the student get results. I understand that it’s a big decision when your trying to find the right person to help, so I will offer a simple guarantee.

“We saw a huge jump in his test scores (from Cs and Ds to As and Bs)… Most telling, was my son was more worried about disappointing Ashley if he got a poor grade than us! Whatever works, and Ashley works for our family!” – Anna D. (parent)

If by the end of our first session, you’re not thoroughly convinced that I am the absolute best choice for your child, then you’ll owe me nothing and we’ll part as friends. I am so confident that both you and your student will be thrilled that I’m willing to let you “try before you buy.” I know that once your child has worked with me just once, that you’ll know that you’ve found the right professional for the job.

Here’s how to setup our first meeting


  • Fall 2018. Accepting 1-2 more students
  • Summer 2018. booked.
  • Spring 2018. booked. wait list full
  • Fall 2018. booked. wait list closed.
  • Spring 2017 booked. wait list closed.
  • Fall 2017 booked. wait list closed.
  • Spring 2016 — accepting 1-2 more students.
  • Fall 2016 booked. wait list closed.
  • Summer 2015 booked.
  • Fall 2015 booked. wait list closed.
  • Spring 2015 booked. wait list open


Please give me a call to setup your child’s first tutoring appointment at (919) 809-9245. Be sure to leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I am able. You may call that number 24 hours a day as it will not disturb me at the hours I’m busy. You can also reach out via the contact form below.

I look forward to working with and meeting you and your child!


Ashley Morris
11 Years Combined Experience in Area Public, Public Charter, and Private Schools
B.S Mathematics & Secondary Mathematics Education, NC State University
E-mail: raleighmath@gmail.com
Phone: (919) 809-9245
Durham, NC 27701
Many references available.

Parent Story

“Our daughter was struggling with high school math, getting further behind, and doing poorly on her tests. In just a few weeks Ashley had her caught up, and she now has an A in math! It’s just remarkable, and we are so pleased! Ashley is gifted teacher that explains math so it’s understandable. She is so positive and encouraging. Our daughter no longer dreads math and has regained her confidence. We are so grateful to have found Ashley and would highly recommend her!”

Robin Harrison

Parent Story

“My son Jake was overwhelmed by the new content in 6th grade math. After several months of struggling on his own, I decided to hire a tutor. Ashley reviews classwork, completes homework, and creates further practice to support Jake. His grades have improved and he is much more confident in his ability as a math student. Not only is Ashley a terrific teacher, but she is also a positive influence on my child.

Jamie Howard

Parent Story

“Ashley is a talented teacher who is knowledgeable about math and is able to explain concepts in a way that students can easily grasp. She is especially gifted at pin pointing the areas of difficulties and tailoring each tutoring session to address these areas. Perhaps more importantly she is able to move a student from feeling defeated by lack of success to feeling more confident about their ability to succeed.”

Clara S.

Parent (and Grandparent) Story

“Dear Ashley, I want to share the good news of your student Christian. He got second place in a PI Day event, in a tough private middle school in NC, with many competitors from 6 grades.
Christian was very behind before he came to you for tutoring. He complained about math all the time and lost self confidence every day. He did not know how to learn. You are absolutely the best math teacher who reads kid’s learning style and have found the best training method to lead Christian. This is the first time for him to get a math honor, which makes him believe now that he is able to step on the road to success. We appreciate your knowledge, training skills, and professionalism from the bottom of our hearts!
Best Regards!”

Christians’ parents and grandparents.