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Cole Hendley

Master's Degree:

Education from Valdosta State University.  


Mathematics from Valdosta State University.  

6 Years In-Classroom 


Cole Hendley has been teaching High School Math for six year and has a Master's of Arts in Education and a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics from Valdosta State University.

Cole's students love him. One student wrote "when you have Mr. Cole as a teacher, you don't have just a teacher, you have a friend. Someone that will help you when you need it most. Someone who takes their time to help you... He taught me how to believe in myself.. you never gave up [on me]". They even made an acronym for his name C-coolest teacher ever. O- optimistic, always looking for best work. L-legendary, takes you on the best adventures. and E- energetic, so much positive energy makes the worst days better.


Cole currently tutors 6th grade through Math 3/Algebra II

6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Math 1, Geometry, Math 2, Algebra 2, Math 3